Why You Need TWB Leadership Learning Courses

  1. If  your sales and earnings are sluggish or inconsistent.
  2. If management is performing tasks rather than planning, coordinating, and effectively facilitating the success of subordinate employee’s.
  3. If an assessment process to hire quality employee’s is not consistently used.
  4. If surveying and managing customer perception is not a top priority.
  5. If the customer database is inaccurate or incomplete.
  6. If product orders, shipping, and fulfillment is not 100%.
  7. If measuring employee objectives and holding employee’s equally accountable is not consistent.
  8. If innovation development and delivery is inconsistent or poorly managed.
  9. If employee’s are more focused on achieving tasks than planned objectives to deliver revenue.
  10. If employee’s act like organized gangs rather than an effective team.
  11. If the company is not measuring and responding to “Customer Loyalty” and “Customer Retention” challenges.
  12. If the company is not penetrating existing customers with new products as the most cost effective sales call.
  13. If the company does not have a business plan, or fails to follow it.
  14. If employee attrition is above 5%
  15. If employee perception of management, or the company environment is poor.
  16. If company employee’s are not “Customer Ambassadors” creating positive perception.
  17. If employee training is inconsistent, or poorly designed.
  18. If every employee does not have a “Job Description”.
  19. If high customer attrition rates is influencing sales growth.
  20. If the sales team is not establishing consistent and positive customer relationships.
  21. If price is often the first response to the loss of business.


Knowledge and Experience
TWB courses are based on experiences and best practices with highly successful companies in the region. Education begins with taking the first step and Africa Business Leadership Learning Center provides a professional and cost effective resource toward business education.

Our Business Leadership  courses are based on our experiences with client companies. Each course provides specific concepts, processes, and tools which are meaningful, and with direct performance and financial results. Courses are filled with robust ideas and processes you can incorporate into your business. Every course is centered on delivering greater customer value, team values, and personal skills.

Did you know for example?
…There are great differences between activity based and objective based managers. Objective managers plan and execute to achieve objectives while activity based managers focus on tasks and activities. Without consistent objective achievement, we fail to develop effective relationships and innovation to help our customers prosper.
…There is a direct relationship between customer perception and employee perception. If employee perception is poor, customer perception is most likely poor. Employee’s are the communicators of company perception. This simple fact determines customer relationships and the achievement of product retention and penetration.
…Entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers often find themselves no longer effective or happy after some time. They cease doing what made them successful in the first place, which is growing the business. They sometimes find themselves stuck in day-to-day operations, and no longer lead the company toward “Competitive Advantage”.
… Systems and processes develop efficient and effective employees. When employees understand expectations they tend to perform at higher levels. Effective managers facilitate and delegate responsibilities to employees. They hold all employee’s equally responsible for performance.
…High performance sales people are the best listeners and negotiators. They use a selling process and deliver greater performance.
…When managers utilize planning skills, and execute the plan, employee perception increases. Employee’s develop confidence and trust in the manager and business.
These concepts are defining issues for business owners and leaders today. Consider the tremendous consequences of these concepts in your enterprise. This is the value of Business Leadership  Learning. Our solutions and systems not only grow your business, but sustain growth. Each course takes you through each concept, step by step, so you can learn at your own speed and time constraints.
We would appreciate your business. Let’s begin with education!

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