International Humanitarian Accreditation Services Launched

 International Humanitarian and Academic Accreditation Services Launched.

 Billions of dollars  are yearly spent on development programmes  that do not  deliver tangible results to the beneficiaries. To motivate and award development partners offering results based programmes while promoting innovative solutions to development problems, Changemaker International in 2016  started international accreditation programmes to award pace setters in international development.

 Changemaker International  now offers accreditation services to institutions and organizations that offer effective development programmes . These includes donors and philanthropic organizations, Non Governmental Organizations, Public Sector organizations, hospitals, Humanitarian training organizations and development colleges to ensure they are aligned to Changemaker leadership principles and standards geared to creating a bettter world.

Upon official application by an institution or individuals, the first stage will be to fill an application form declaring the uniqueness  and innovativeness of their approach to tackling global development problems. After the short listing, Changemaker staff will visit programmes of  the applicant to assess the quality and content of their programmes and confirm initial information given. Changemaker sets out a rigorous criteria to be met by the applicants. Among the criteria include:

  • Choice of Project Site
  • Nature of the problem being addressed
  • The targeted population
  • The approach or methodology being used for intervention
  • Number of people reached
  • Collaboration with other partners
  • The solutions or milestones achieved
  • Impact and Long term benefits
  • Potentials of replicating the project into a wide scale

 Humanitarian Training , Academic Institutions and individuals candidates mainly need to demonstrate the levels of innovation in their methodology  and the results achieved overtime.

Once the applicants have met the criteria they are given an official letter acknowledging excellence in service delivery. From that moment the organization can publicize partnership with Changemaker International. In some situations, Changemaker staff do not need to visit the organizations and could use media  and publications of the application  and references to determine excellence in the delivery of development services. Accreditation is applicable for only one year. Individuals performing outstanding humanitarian work to address community or  global problems can also be awarded. There are three levels of awards, Platinum, Gold and Silver based on performance and uniqueness of the  intervention strategy applicable.

For more information about our Humanitarian  and Academic Accreditation services, kindly write to the Accreditation Services Coordinator(ASC)  on:

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