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Consultancy: To conduct an Impact assessment of the SEAL (Sexual reproductive health, Economic empowerment, Academic & Career Mentoring and Leadership & Governance) project

To conduct an Impact assessment of the SEAL (Sexual Reproductive health, Economic empowerment, Academic & Career Mentoring and Leadership & Governance) project.
I Choose Life – Africa (ICL) is a leading Kenyan NGO registered in 2004. ICL works using the Quadra Helix Model of partnering with the Government of Kenya, through the Ministries of Health, Education, Agriculture, Youth Affairs and Vision 2030 among others, Corporates, Universities and Civil Society Organizations, to design interventions to solve problems in different communities.
ICL has programs around four pillars namely Jiimarishe (Health), Jiinue (Economic Empowerment), Jielimishe (Education), Jiongoze (leadership and Governance). The programs are anchored in over 234 learning institutions (Primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions) across 23 Counties in Kenya that reach over 1 Million youth annually. ICL’s Vision is “Healthy Africa, Empowered People!” and her mission it to create a movement of individuals that enhances the quality of life for communities through health initiatives, economic empowerment, academic & career mentoring and improved leadership & Governance.
I Choose Life – Africa, through the SEAL project has been implementing the Holistic approach to improving sexual reproductive health outcomes targeting Secondary school students from the three counties; Nairobi, Uasin Gishu and Machakos. Beginning 2017, the SEAL project commenced a new phase of the project that will use the SEAL approach to achieve the overall goal of improving the sexual and reproductive health right outcomes of 6,000 (4,500 in school and 1,500 out of school) young people aged 15-24 years through the holistic SEAL approach by addressing the social determinants of health in four counties (Nairobi, Machakos, Mombasa and Uasin Gishu) in Kenya.

The project will work towards the following objectives:
1. To increase knowledge and skills among 6,000 youth in Nairobi, Uasin Gishu, Mombasa and Machakos counties by 2019.
2. To enhance sustainability of interventions for improved reproductive health outcomes for 6,000 youth in Nairobi, Uasin Gishu Mombasa and Machakos counties by 2019.
3. To advocate for the implementation of Age Appropriate Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools nationally
4. To enhance a responsive and accountable leadership that addresses SRH&R needs of the youth in three counties by 2019.
5. Improved capacity of adolescents to develop, adopt and sustain healthy attitudes and behaviours with regard to HIV
6. Increased involvement of County Government in planning and Monitoring of adolescent HIV programs
7. National policies and programmes informed by data gathered through Monitoring, documentation and real time learning.

The very nature of the project innovative approach to address adolescent issues Through a holistic approach provides an opportunity to study the effectiveness of the approach in addressing sexual reproductive health outcomes of young people (15 – 24). It is against this opportunity that ICL is commissioning a survey to assess the impact of the holistic approach to improving sexual reproductive health outcomes in the four counties: Nairobi, Uasin Gishu, Machakos and Mombasa.
1) Bidders are required to design, plan and conduct the evaluation process for the project and produce the reports required to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of:
a. the SEAL project through a baseline and end line approach
b. the adapted ICL/Dance for Life curriculum in empowering adolescent through a pre and post assessment of the empowerment approach that targets 7,000 adolescents
i. Inception report: setting out the design of the Monitoring and Evaluation strategy and plan with associated planning, logistics, quality assurance, child protection measures and risk management information including gender analysis.
ii. Baseline study report: design, conduct and submit a baseline study that describes the initial conditions (before the start of the project) against which progress can be measured or comparisons made to show the effects and impacts of the project in the final project evaluation report.
iii. Midline evaluation report: design conduct and submit a midline study that describes the effectiveness of the adapted ICL/Dance for Life curriculum, and the midway changes achieved by the SEAL program
iv. Final project evaluation (End line) report: design, conduct and submit a final project evaluation report that assesses the effectiveness, and impact of the SEAL project.
Agencies or individuals interested in tendering for the I Choose Life – Africa SEAL Impact Assessment should complete an Expression of Interest proposal (maximum 5 pages) containing the following information:
• Short summary of individual/agency and status.
• CV of the firm or lead consultant
• Proposed methodology, activities and timetable.
• 2 copies of previously done work
• Proposed budget with a maximum working period of 60 days
Contact details and 2 references related to the past relevant work done.
1st August to 30th September 2017
SUBMISSION DATE (For proposal and supporting documentation)
To be submitted and received not later than 26th July 20171300hrs local time
Email: CC:,

Philip Mbithi
Program Manager
Tel: 020 444 293 1/2

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