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Closing date: 15 Sep 2017

The Kenya Afya Jijini project is a three-year project designed to strengthen Nairobi County’s institutional and management capacity to deliver quality healthcare services. Afya Jijini’s strategic goal is to “Improve County-level Institutional Capacity and Management of Health Service Delivery” with the purpose to improve and increase access and utilization of quality health services in focus counties through strengthened service delivery and institutional capacity of health systems. The project seeks specifically to achieve three main sub-purposes:

  1. Sub-purpose 1: Increased access and utilization of quality HIV services
    1. Output 1.1: Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission (EMTCT)
    2. Output 1.2: HIV Care and Support Services
    3. Output 1.3: HIV Treatment Services
    4. Output 1.4: HIV Prevention, HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC), and Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)
    5. Output 1.5: Tuberculosis (TB) / HIV Co-infection Services


  1. Sub-purpose 2: Increased access and utilization of focused maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH), family planning (FP), Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and nutrition services
    1. Output 2.1: Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) Services
    2. Output 2.2: Child Health Services
    3. Output 2.3: Family Planning Services
    4. Output 2.4: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Services
    5. Output 2.5: Nutrition Services


  1. Sub-purpose 3: Strengthened and functional county health systems
    1. Output 3.1: Partnerships for Governance and Strategic Planning
    2. Output 3.2: Human Resources for Health (HRH)
    3. Output 3.3: Health Products and Technologies (HPT)
    4. Output 3.4: Strategic Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
    5. Output 3.5: Quality Improvement Systems

Afya Jijini team supports each level of the Nairobi County health system—county, sub-county, facility, community—to strengthen the role each must play to achieve project goals.. Afya Jijini Project seeks to recruit a Consultant to deliver the Leadership Development Program.


Leadership Development Program (LDP)

The consultant will work with Afya Jijini and the County LDP focal persons to offer a Leadership Development Course to facility health teams selected from the below target facilities: The training will be carried out at a venue to be identified by Afya Jijini and the coaching and mentorship will be facility based. During the LDP training process, teams will work on an improvement project within the program priority areas MNCH, HIV, TB, FP, WASH and Nutrition. The LDP targets 60 participants to be trained in two cohorts (each with thirty participants of 5-6 team members each). Working very closely with the Afya Jijini HRH and QI/QA Advisor ensure that the team projects are in tandem with the facility defined improvement areas.

The Leadership Development program is split into four workshops of three days each, and the fourth workshop being results presentation. Prior to commencing LDP course, the facilitator will be required to carry out pre-LDP assessment with all teams at the health facility level to prepare them for the training and collect some baseline data as needed.


Objective of the Assignment:

The purpose of the assignment is to provide facilitation and coaching services for the leadership development programme to the Nairobi County health workforce focusing mainly on Sub County health facilities.



Specific Tasks:

The facilitator will be contracted by Afya Jijini to:

  • Conduct Pre LDP meetings with the LDP teams at the targeted health facilities
  • Facilitate LDP Plus workshops 1-4 including coordinating a successful results dissemination workshop
  • Conduct coaching for teams and providing technical support in the conception, design, development, implementation and monitoring of the LDP teams challenge/project
  • Prepare and submit end of workshop and coaching reports




The facilitator shall deliver to Afya Jijini the following deliverables, in accordance with the schedule below.

  1. LDP workshops 1-4
  2. Training reports for;
  3. Facilitation of the LDP (four workshops). These reports will be required within five days after completion of each workshop
  4. Coaching reports between workshops and submitted within five days after completion of the coaching sessions
  5. Results Dissemination workshop report

How to apply:

Interested candidates please submit application to afyajijinihr@imaworldhealth.org




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