Institutional Partnership Adviser

Organization: Norwegian Refugee Council

Closing date: 08 Oct 2017


NRC’s Partnership and Policy Department is looking for a new Institutional Partnership Advisor (IPA) for its office in Berlin (NRC Flüchtlingshilfe Deutschland).

The Partnerships and Policy Department is responsible for NRC’s strategic relations with institutional donors and private foundations, and is the “centre of excellence” on donor/partner relations in NRC. The new IPA is expected to take on the role as NRC’s lead expert adviser on institutional donors (and foundations) specific to Germany. The IPA is responsible for strategic relations with these donors and for building internal capacity and maintaining a help desk on donor related issues.

Role and Responsibilities

Generic responsibilities

Responsibilities related to NRC’s main strategic donors

Be the NRC focal point for expertise on the donor and its relations with NRC:

  • Be the lead for NRC’s strategic engagement with the donor at an HQ level
  • Analyse and share information internally in NRC on the policies and priorities of the donor
  • Establish and maintain close relations with key staff in the donor HO
  • Advise NRC colleagues on communication lines with the donor, annual funding cycles, and best practice when it comes to resource mobilisation
  • Maintain an overview of NRC’s past and present engagement with the donor
  • Assist with setting up, preparing as well as participate in donor meetings

Assist with resource mobilisation

  • Track and share information about new funding opportunities
  • Undertake “donor mappings” upon request from NRC Country Offices and departments
  • Be responsible for prequalification processes in order to access donor funding
  • Manage the processes related to prioritisation of internally competing proposals

Provide help-desk support and capacity build staff on fund raising and donor rules

  • Stay updated on donor conditionalities, rules & regulations. Ensure that key information about these is regularly updated and available to NRC staff in order to facilitate compliance
  • Provide advice on donor expectations and requirements in proposal and reports
  • Provide advice on clauses in grant agreements, service contracts and consortia agreements
  • Document learning and good practice related to the individual donor

Network and advocate for improved financing conditions

  • Network, share information and undertake joint lobbying (vis-à-vis donors) with other NGOs that receive financial support from the same donor
  • Advocate for and negotiate improved conditions with the donor, whenever relevant

Liaise with other NRC units on donor related issues

  • Stay updated on NRC ‘s priorities and funding needs
  • Ensure that NRC’s donor relations are adequately reflected in external communication
  • Establish and coordinate donor specific internal working groups or other regular meeting points to facilitate sharing of information, capacity building, learning, etc.

Specific responsibilities

The Institutional Partnership Adviser shall have specific responsibility for the following NRC donors:

  • BMZ: Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  • GIZ: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (German Corporation for International Cooperation)
  • KFW: Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (German Development Bank)
  • FFO: Auswärtiges Amt – AA (Federal Foreign Office)
  • Any other German Institutional donor; foundations; corporate partners.

How to apply:

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