BNP Paribas Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launch One Planet Fellowship to support agriculture and climate change research

The BNP Paribas Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have launched a new programme, ”One Planet Fellowship”, leveraging French, African and European expertise to support research on climate adaption in Africa.

In partnership with the Agropolis Foundation, and under the auspices of the French ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, this 5 year programme will be equally funded by both BNP Paribas Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Its main objective is to support 600 African and European researchers working to help Africa adapt to climate change and it will also help bolster the African and European scientific community working in this field.

One Planet Fellowship will collaborate in research and education projects that aim to advance agriculture and climate change projects funded by the Agropolis Foundation over the next five years will a budget of €5 million.

Given that Africa is particularly vulnerable to climate change it is vital to promote the development of relevant policies that can help to fight climate change and eradicate extreme poverty.

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