Ending Violence Against Women in Europe: An Exploration of Philanthropic Giving

In a joint effort, Weisblatt and Associates and Adriadne, European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights, have recently produced their latest publication entitled ‘Ending Violence Against Women in Europe:  An Exploration of Philanthropic Giving’. 

This is the first research into the philanthropic funding for work to end violence against women in Europe and aims to address both donors and recipients perspectives on current activities and funding in this field. It also highlights areas of further engagement and the potential that foundations can play in the future.

In undertaking this work, the study acknowledges the need for more research, information and awareness surrounding this sector in order to fully realise the role philanthropy can play in helping to end violence against women in Europe.

To read more please download the report: EndingViolenceAgainstWomenReport2017

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